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This is a game about lesbians! Well, women who love other women, at least! But It's also about living with an anxiety disorder and having a good support network. It's complicated.

After vanishing from the public eye, Juliette Fontaine is getting back into the game as a professional pastry chef by opening her own bakery. While entrepreneurship comes with challenges on its own, Julie is also dealing with becoming familiar with the people and places of St. Dymphna.

When her best friend suggests that Juliette uses the upcoming culinary expo as an opportunity to rebuild her reputation, you'll prepare for the expo and make friends in the neighborhood, meet a colorful cast of characters along the way, and maybe even find romance! But as we all know, not every aspect of life can be sweet...

Sour Cherry Twist is a visual novel about finding romance, overcoming fear, and second chances. Players step into Juliette's life as she gets to know her friends and competitors, and experience moments of drama, suspense, and humor in her day to day life. Manage Julie's anxiety levels in a branching narrative, and help her grow and adapt to the new world she's found herself in. But beware- Much like in real life, making decisions in a certain state of mind can be risky! These choices can build up to Julie getting involved in romance, or lead to her abandoning her shop and hanging up her apron for good.

  • Branching, dynamic storyline with multiple endings
  • Five different women to romance
  • Main character with an overt personality and past
  • Dynamic character relationship progression
  • Challenges players to balance managing stress and story progression

The current version made for NaNoRenO (ver 0.5) is only the first 2 days of Juliette's new life, and is an extremely rough cut. Please let me know what you think!

Published Apr 03, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, LGBT, Management, Otome, Romance


SourCherryTwist-0.5.1-pc.zip 346 MB

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Liking this a lot so far! The characters are pretty great. I really enjoy the friendship between Rina and Juliette, especially with the hints about Juliette's backstory, it makes it all really touching. The anxiety was handled well too, I think. The heartbeat sound made it so visceral. Starting the game gave me a bit of a shock though, haha.

Heh, I also loved the bit where she came out to Josh and he replied with "Like, all the time?" That was so real and I had to chuckle, even if I also wanted to smack him a little bit.

The other girls are great too! If I had to pick right now I'd be torn between Anabelle and Shana. They were both super cute.

I look forward to seeing more of this!

Thank you so much! I've been so wrapped up in school stuff I didn't see this until just now, sorry!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! This new version I just uploaded has sound and music, so I hope it continues to be an interesting experience! ^o^

I'm doing my best to make sure all of the girls their own 1 on 1 scenes with Juliette, so players can get a good look at the interesting aspects of everyone. (I'm a little partial to Shana too, and I think that might show a bit in the writing >__>; )